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Summer Group Exhibition in London

Summer Group Exhibition in London (hammo)

only hammo
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Organisers: EWACC (East & West Artists Culture Club).
Venue: Lennox Gallery: 77 Moore Park Road, Fulham, London. SW6 2HH
(2min from Fulham Broadway Tube)
Opening party: Wednesday evening 18:30

I hope to see you there!

hammo x


テーマ:アートイベント - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

2008.07.25 | | hammo

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Profile / プロフィール

hammo*nat plus one

hammo*nat plus one
'hammo*nat plus one' is a Japanese craft team that creates its own original prints, woven works, felt accessories, jewellery, picture books and postcards with bitter-sweetness.

The two artists, 'hammo' and 'nat' met while they were studying in London. They set up 'London Crafts Girls' in winter 2006 and 'one' joined in spring 2007.

'hammo' studied jewellery / silversmithing in Tokyo and fashion promotion media at the London College of Fashion. During and after college, she had a variety of fashion & jewellery-related jobs including working for high-end boutiques in London. She continues making jewellery in Bath.
She is also a freelance writer/translator.

'nat' studied art and worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo. She then completed a BA in Graphics at the London College of Communication (aka the London College of Printing).
She won a prize in the Kawasaki Steel company design competition and a special jury prize for her work 'Spike' in the ANA Aozora Environment Picture Book Competition in 2005. She lives in London.

'one' studied fashion in Tokyo. After working as a fashion designer in Tokyo, she moved to London.
Since she relocated to Somerset, she discovered passion in weaving and has been producing natural dyed, hand-spun works such as scarves, bags and accessories.

copyright(c) on all images, jewellery and prints since 2007: hammo*nat plus one

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